Ostatnie przygotowania do sezonu


We plan to start the 2018 season in April in Albufeira.

The yacht is almost ready for our Expedition to the North. We hope that we will sail out as planned on 20 April. We still have almost 3 tons of food to be load and store, plus water and fuel and some supply of Portuguese wine.

During the winter review, we did quite a lot that we would just mention the major repairs themselves:

1. Replacing the propeller shaft seal and bearings.

2. Replacement of the injection pump.

3. Repair of the exhaust system.

4. Painting the underwater hull.

5. Cleaning and painting bilges.

6. Installing the electric bilge pump under the mast

7. Replacement of the starter battery.

8. A new spray hood.

9. New roller to Stay

10. Repair of companion steps


And many other minor repairs, which as usual will allow for efficient and comfortable use of the yacht for the crew, and we hope that it will be used to defeat the route without any problems.