Heading to Europe..



Throughout the winter season we were sailed in the Caribbean Sea. On the sailors view, it is quite friendly sea, however this period of time required form the crew more than usually we expect. Trading winds often blow with strength of over 30knt, in squalls often reaching 40knt. Nashachata II turned out to be a great yacht for these difficult conditions, particularly when sailing up to the wind. We sailed around the Caribbean area from Grenadines to Jamaica and Dominic. When sailing in the exotic regions of the northern Caribbean , like around Jamaica where yachts meet sporadically, you are close with nature and you can  learn about rarely visited by tourists ,almost virgin, sailing regions. And this is the place where history of America began,  as it was in Jamaica that Christopher Columbus landed on the first island. After returning to Martinique, we began to return to Europe. On Azores Nashachata II arrived in 16 days, congratulations to the captain and crew for such short fantastic cruising over 2600 Nm. We will stay in Azores for a next few weeks.