Svalbard Expedition 2018 - Sailing back to the North.

Leg: 18.5

Cruise rout: Tromso - Longyearbyen

from 2018.06.19 to 2018.07.06
17 days
600 (average 36 per day)
Janusz Garduła
Contact with skipper:
+48 508 277 753, email:

Our stage will start in Tromso – a place where most of the trips to Svalbard begins.
After taking over the yacht, provisioning, visiting The Polar Museum and a monument to Amundsen we plan to set sail towards Bear Island. If the weather allows we will stop over for a while there, though remembering about s/y Otago. The first place we will visit on Spitsbergen will be Horsund with Polish Arctic Station located there. After short visit in the station we will sail to Longyearbyen, the capital of the Archipelago. There we have to deal with all paperwork, approvals etc. and refresh our provisioning. And make up our minds. There is a tempting perspective of sailing around Spitsbergen from North through Hinlopen Strait but… all depends on the time we have left, the weather and ice conditions. But for sure there are waiting ahead of us Pyramiden (Billefjord) and Grumant, deserted post-communist Russian mining villages, and the second largest village in Svalbard - Barentsburg. Sailing North we will visit Ny Alesund, a place used to be famous because of the northernmost post office. If time and the weather allow we will visit Liefdefjorden – fiord of love in translation, named thank to its beauty and an amazing view to Monaco glacier. We will have to be ready to meet polar bears here. No matter which variant we manage to execute (whether sailing around Spitsbergen through Hinlopen or sailing to its N and NW part) we will finish the stage in Longyearbyen.

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