Svalbard Expedition 2018 - Sailing back to the North.

Lofoty.. see more on FB

After almost 7 weeks of sailing, 2800 nautical miles behind us, we're in Lofoten. Nashachata II performs excellently, despite the difficult conditions we encountered in Biskaj Bay and the North Sea. For details pls visit FB where you will find detailed reports from the participants of each stage.


Crew Change in Dublin

Nashachata II arrived to the quay of the marina DUN LAOGHAIRE on May 8th. The crew change, standard provisions process, the yacht's checktrough and on the 10th departure to the sea. Today she is already in Belfast! Fair winds and following seas !!!


Info z pokładu ;Etap 18.1

Info z jachtu (na stronę / FB): 28.04 Po tygodniu zmagania się z przeciwnymi wiatrami dotarliśmy do Baiona. Po drodze jedynie dwa krótkie postoje Lizbona i Porto. Zaraz po południu wyszliśmy dalej, zobaczyć Islas Cies, niestety bez schodzenia na ląd. Zrobiliśmy wtedy pierwszy w tym rejsie zwrot przez rufę. Niestety, nie tylko wiatr się zmienił - zamiast słońca widzimy ciemne niskie chmury i od rana pada. Po zmianie części załogi wybieramy się w kierunku A Coruna.


Sailing to the North

We had started officially our 2018 year sailing season at April 22 when Nashachata II left Albufeira heading to the North. But a few days before this we had on board a group of experience skippers to test her and also to improve our skills and to learn more about Nashachata II manoeuvrability.


Ostatnie przygotowania do sezonu

We plan to start the 2018 season in April in Albufeira. The yacht is almost ready for our Expedition to the North. We hope that we will sail out as planned on 20 April. We still have almost 3 tons of food to be load and store, plus water and fuel and some supply of Portuguese wine