The yacht owner notes of 2017


After 14 months of continuous sailing a short refurbishment of the yacht has been completed. In the underwater part of the hull the scratches from the ice were repaired, painted with epoxy and placed a new layer of anti-fouling. The hull was scraped in the ice as well so we have repainted it. After so long cruise under extreme conditions all installations required to be overhauled. Among the most important issues are the replacement of the front sail, the retracted Stay II due to rollers failure and the broken ear of the Yanke II. We have replace it by the newly purchased Yanke I. Acknowledgment for the Sail Service company for a quick productionof a new sails. Other works include: an anchor new windlass replacement , alternator have been overhauled, engine inspection and fuel system sealing, fuel pumping and cleaning of fuel tanks, lubrication and commissioning of all through hull valves was done. Additional bunch of minor work and repairs and a check all the installation was done. In the autumn after returning from Biscay we are going repair autopilot, do a review of the interior and renovate the spinakerboms. In addition, we want to install a "bow spirit" for new Genaker who is ready , waiting for new seasona. Concept Sailing Team